How I create my Fiverr Gigs? (How you should)

April 22, 2024 (1mo ago)

A no. of freelancers struggle on Fiverr on a daily basis. And I get number of queries on daily basis where people are asking questions like below. Most ask me to review their Gigs. So, I thought to write a detailed Guide on How to Create Fiverr Gig. Queries I get in my inbox section are as below:

  • Please check my profile
  • Can you check my gigs and review it?
  • My gigs are ranked but I'm not getting orders.
  • My Gig is not ranking. can you help?

And a lot of similar queries I get daily on Facebook. Unfortunately, humanly, it really is not possible to answer all. However, I thought to create a dedicated and Ultimate Guide on How to Create Gigs on Fiverr.

That would help all the existing strugglers and new freelancers on Fiverr. It is not much complicated if you follow this step-by-step. I made it streamlined and simpler as well as concise for you to overcome your great problem. I'm sure this will help you a lot if you follow this.

Ready? Let's start then! No need to fasten your seat belts, we will go slowly and step by step – I will explain everything.

Before I start, I want to share that if you haven't yet seen my previous post about Secret of Fiverr Algorithm then do check that. That's really something nobody has ever disclosed. I'm sure you will learn a completely new thing!

Alright, no more stories, now lets's talk about Gig creation starting from Title and Tags:

Create Fiverr Gig – Section 1: Title and Tags

Title and Tags play a very important role in Gig Ranking and Conversions. In fact, Title is the element that compels a person to click on your Gig.

CASE STUDY: To prove my point

A case study by clearly exposes the huge power of headlines (it is a few years old but it still worth to be considered). They switched the landing page headline for a local Scandinavian gym from “You Work Out Smarter at Fitness World” to “Group Training and Fitness at Your Local Gym”.

And guess what? They got a straight 38.46% increase in memberships sold.

So, moving on to next point.

Step 1.1: Know What are you going to create? Choose your Keyword

This actually means you should know what exactly you are going to offer. You must have a Keyword which you want to create a Gig for. This can be any Keyword like Vintage Logo Design, SEO Backlinks, WordPress Website design or any else. Get the idea.

Make sure that the Keyword has a value: It means it should be capable of getting orders. You don't need to sell something that people are not looking for. Right?

So, choosing a Keyword is the First Step!

Step 1.2: Search the Keyword in Fiverr

Once the Keyword is selected, search it on Fiverr Search Engine. Use the Search Bar located at the top left corner of the website. And when the search results page opens up, all you need to do is make sure that results are sorted by “Relevance” or “Most Recommended”. This is important!

Then, Search Keyword in Fiverr and Sort Results by “Relevance” or “Most Recommended”.

Step 1.3: Open Top Gigs

After results are sorted by “relevance”, then just open some Top Gigs showing there. At least you should open Five Gigs that are ranking well. You can choose randomly from the top 3 rows.

Did you know that Fiverr Ranks Every New Gig when it is published?

Next up, open Top Gigs that you see. At least Five Gigs.

Moving on to next step.

Step 1.4: Do some work! Not hectic work – Just Copy Paste!

1.4.1: Note down Titles of Gigs you opened

Now, all you need to do is just copy the titles of these Gigs and then paste in the notepad. Each title in a unique line

Quick Tip: Press Win + R Key to open run command. Write notepad and press enter. Notepad will open 😉

1.4.2: Note down Tags of Gigs you opened

Repeat what we did with titles for tags as well. Copy and paste the tags of each Gig in notepad.

Done? Great!

Step 1.5: Let's Use this Data and your Hardwork to eat ripe fruit!

You have done a great job so far if you've been following the steps. So, now you have the data which is going to help you in creating a great meta i.e. Gig Title and Gig Tags.

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Note separately the words or phrases that you find common in all Gigs.
  2. Shortlist most used, best, and common tags and write it down.

You just need to shortlist at least five tags. Do similar with the title. Check and answer the following questions for titles:

  1. What is common in all Titles?
  2. Which one will you click if you were a buyer and why?
  3. What looks more appealing to you and why?
  4. What is missing in Title?

Once you have all the answers, you will be smart enough and know what to do next. To help you, I would say bring the best out of the shortlisted titles and create a Unique one that people will click. I hope you are enjoying my Guide on How to Create Fiverr Gig.

Wait Wait Wait! It is not over… You Need to be Careful for…


Yes, I wrote that in Caps. You need to carefully create the Title because it is going to be responsible for two main things:

  • Ranking when Gig is New
  • CTR when it is in Ranking

CTR means Click Through Rate. It is actually the ratio of how many people see your Gig and how many from them clicked. In short, if 100 persons saw your gig but 10 of them actually clicked on it, then your CTR will be 10%.

Here is a Fiverr Title Hack for SEO to use your carefulness in a clever way!

Now, craft your title and get ready to rock.

Select the Category and sub-category respectively.

Note: You can't change your Main Gig Category once you have saved it. So, choose that carefully as well. Just don't panic here. Choose what is appropriate. That's it!

Now, it comes to tags. Write the tags we shortlisted above.

Hooray! Press Save and Continue.

You've gone through the best procedure for crafting Gig Title and Tags.

Section 2: Crafting Gig Packages

2.1: Search the Main Keyword

Yep, just like we did in the first section. Search your Main Keyword in Fiverr.

Make sure you do it in Incognito window.

Now, you will see different Gigs on your screen.

2.2: Open Random Gigs

I say it random because these are all Best Selling Gigs according to fiverr. But you have to use your own mind here as well. So, open the Gigs that REALLY are Best Selling.

You will ask:

How to find Best-Selling Gigs on Fiverr?

All you need to do is: Search your Keyword, Sort results by Best Selling. Then Open multiple Gigs and only keep those Gigs open which have high no. of orders in queue.

Just open 10 Best Selling gigs.

2.3: Next work is as important as Getting orders is

I'm feeling so overwhelmed that you have been reading so far. Thank you so much!

Now, you have 10 Gigs, best selling and opened right in front of you. I'm not going to write a lot here, just follow the following points:

  1. Read their Packages thoroughly and carefully – important!
  2. Analyse what is the common thing in all of the packages.
  3. Note down those elements and then mention something Extra from your own mind.

For example: If none of the Gigs is offering Free PSD or Ai file, then you should offer one.

Now, create packages for your Gig!

In a later revision or update of this article, I will explain the above three points in detail.

In short, Create Packages by looking at those gigs which are in Best Selling.

Section 3: Create a Killer Description

Now that you've come so far, congratulate yourself because not everybody does it. You are one of those few persons who really do work hard.

Let's do this section now:

3.1: Intro (Gig intro, not yours)

First line should contain your Main Keyword that you want your Gig® to rank on. Write it in a self-promotional style.

Press Enter to start a New paragraph and then answer the question: “What I will do for you?” Simple!

Just tell the viewer that what exactly your Gig is all about. Don't tell long stories or drag it to make it long. All you need to do is KISS! (KISS means Keep It Simple, Stupid).

You can also mention here about your previous best work that is related to this Gig service. That's all for here!

3.2: Mid Section (Chocolate Part of a Biscuit)

This is very important part. This should include a direct call to action for a viewer.

The person who is viewing your Gig is your potential buyer. Your initial goal is to get him/her message you.

And this call to action will play a critical role in making that happen.

So, just write a statement that compels your potential buyer to either message you or place order.

3.3: Core Part of description

Following are some important points you should mention:

  • Your Special Offer (Irresistible)
  • Who are you?
  • Detailed explanation of your exact Service (You can make points)
  • Why buyer should place order for you?
  • What client will get in delivery?
  • Once again, don't forget to add a call-to-action after above answers!

Once you've answered above questions and mentioned everything I wrote above, you are done with description.

Now, moving towards the Images.

Section 4: Designing a Better Gig image!

Don't worry! This is not a hectic work but just need little mind and creativity. Little smartness can workout great for you.

All you need to do is just repeat the process what we did for Packages. But instead of analysing packages, give a sharp look at images and notice what kind of images are working best.

Then design yours.

That's all from me!