Solved: 4 Problematic Scenarios on Fiverr

April 22, 2024 (1mo ago)

When you are newbie, you make mistakes and actually that’s how you learn. I am sure you have faced such 4 problems before or if you still are facing it, here is the proven solution.

Scenario 1: No Impressions, Clicks and Orders

If you are getting no impressions thus no clicks and orders, then this means that your Gig is just not ranked on your keywords. Because if your Gig is ranked, then potential buyers will see your Gig and you at least should get impressions.

So, when Gig is not ranking initially, it simply is a gesture that your Gig is not properly optimized for Fiverr Search Engine. This is the time when you should Update Tags.

Scenario 2: Getting Impressions but No Clicks or Orders

Alright, maybe you are getting impressions. When you are getting impressions on your Gigs, that means your Gig is actually being seen by the potential buyers. In short, your Gig is ranked!

But in this case, If you are getting impressions but no clicks and orders, then this means that your Gig Title is not good enough to capture the client. It doesn’t force anybody to click your Gig. And that’s what your goal should be!

Your Gig should be able enough to get a person click that.

As you know, headlines play a Key role in Conversions! It is the same scene here. Now, the problem is how to solve it?

Well, it is not complicated. All you need to do is just update the Title.

Keep in mind that whenever you make any changes in your Gig, it is sent to Fiverr review process and your Gig may become invisible in search results.

Scenario 3: Title is Great but Still not getting clicks

Well, let’s understand the scenario first.

When your Gig is ranked, the potential client only sees its Title and Image. These two factors compel a person to click on your Gig. So, both should be optimized.

Now, if you know that your Title is very good; but still you are not getting clicks and you don’t want to change it. In this case, you only need to update the Gig Image.

Scenario 4: Gig is ranked, getting clicks but No orders!

This is the most crucial problem that many Fiverr freelancers face. You may be one of those if you are reading this. Many beginning freelancers on Fiverr claim that they are getting a lot of clicks but no orders. This actually means that their Gigs are not optimized for conversions.

A Gig converts well when it has a good price, packages and description when compared to others in the competition.

So, you may have understood what should be its solution.

Simple: If you are getting impressions as well as clicks but no orders, then improve your description & packages.


  • No Impressions = Update Tags
  • Yes Impressions & No Clicks = Update Title
  • Yes Impressions, No Clicks & Great Title = Update Image
  • Yes Clicks & No Orders = Update Description & Packages

That’s all from me!