Why Self-dependency is an illusion?

June 26, 2024 (3w ago)

Self-dependency is an illusion and a distorted concept

This makes us feel “know-it-all” "super-human" and sometimes can make us arrogant also because we think we do not need others.

It makes us think We can rely 100% on self. Thinking we do not need people is a dangerous thought.

That is not true.

We can not self exist. This is not our nature.

Because of this nature, diversity exists in our lives. There are specialised groups. Doctors, Lawyers, Designers, Developers, Writers.

So if you need something in a specific Niche where you aren’t an expert or do not even have minimal knowledge, consult an expert.

Every household in Pakistan has a non-qualified doctor or Phakki wala Hakeem (A term used here for so-called doctors).

My teacher once told me:

Jb bhi koi masla ho to us k specialist k pas jao. (Whenever you face an issue, go to its specialist)

He is right.

Now let’s say your website is slow, you have no idea what to do but still try. Then you get your website broken. Oops! 🙊

Why don’t we apply the doctors concept here?

So, if you need a website, hire a professional web designer/developer who is experienced to apply your branding, UX and your brand voice while building you The Website.

Someone with a 6 years experience will be ideal. I know someone named Rahat Hameed. He is 💎