Secret of Fiverr Algorithm

April 22, 2024 (1mo ago)

I’m not saying that nobody knew about it but as I have observed and seen; Nobody has explained this or exposed shared it so far.

This is purely based on my personal experience and observation so I can’t guarantee anything as the results may be different on your side.

And out of lots of secrets of Fiverr, one is:

Fiverr Ranks Every New Live Gig within 1-48 hours for some time.

The reason why I say that…

In a total of my lifetime, I created atleast 4 profiles on Fiverr. I closed two of those, sold one and running only one profile right now. And I generated about 1 Million in PKR. Here is what I have observed so far:

Whenever I created a Gig, I saw a serious Huge Bump in Impressions, Clicks, and Views even though I didn’t share my Gig anywhere on Social Media.

Though in the beginning of my days, I didn’t get any order when I was new to Fiverr as I didn’t have any knowledge about copywriting or converting visitors into my customers. But this matter is about Ranking.

I say Fiverr ranks every new Gig within 24-48 hours or maybe 72 hours. If it doesn’t rank, then I would not get any impressions, clicks or views – or if I do, that would be too low.

Personal Experience Case Study

Last year, I created a profile that I have sold to a person. I created that profile Live in a public Webinar that I did in a Group Pakistani SEO and Fiverr Experts on Facebook.

Sorry, I can’t disclose the name because I have sold it. But the Niche was SEO – Off-Page SEO to be exact.

Anyways, I created the profile with a perfect description, chose a random slang name as a username, included some skills, completed email and phone number verification and fulfilled all the other formalities.

This was just a random profile and I wasn’t serious about this but later I changed my mind. I decided to run this profile without getting any Fake reviews. There was not even a single Fake review and it was a Brand New profile with a funny slang username.

Well, I decided to run it as a challenge for me.

I created One Gig on it. And I really spent some time on it while Gig Creation. I chose a perfect Title, chose the category, added some tags, created three packages, wrote an awesome description, and created a unique image. The Image was very attractive by the way. The gig was created in an afternoon.

After doing everything, I forgot about it, got busy in other things.

After a few hours, I was surprised to see that…

I was Stunned and Very Happy – Excited at the same time! I just saw that I got a New order on that profile. It was a Hot, medium competitive Keyword having more than 5000+ Gigs on Exact Keyword and 11000+ Gigs on General Keyword.

I saw this:

As you can see in the screenshot, It was a $5 order got on September 21 and the profile creation date was also September 2018. I can’t remeber the exact date but the Month was Sept.

The profile later went on to become TRS eligible.

I didn’t stop because I wanted Fiverr to surprise me Again – It DID!

So, I got the order, I was excited and became curious. I didn’t get any fake orders, reviews, favorites or anything. I didn’t even share Gig on Social Media for orders. It was Purely Organic!

It could be Luck as well! But I wanted to test it again…

So, I created another Gig on 24 September following the same method, service was the same but the presentation was different i.e. Image and Title. The gig was Published finally after I did all the steps!

And believe me, after two hours, BINGO I got this:

So, there was another order and this time I got that within 2 hours.

And from that day onwards, I checked the impressions and other stats of both of my Gigs and I was stunned there too because the no. of impressions and stats were a lot.

Both Gigs were Brand New and Profile Didn’t have any Reviews – It was a completely new profile created in a Public Webinar.

I noted that right after 24 hours, both gigs had a Huge increase in Impressions. And when I got orders, Ranking began to stable and rest is the story. The profile is still running successfully.

But is this enough to prove my statement?

No, this wasn’t enough for proving my Statement “Every New Gig is Ranked by Fiverr” right.

So, I started testing…

I remembered my old days when I was super new to Fiverr, I can remember that in those days, my Gigs got a really high number of impressions and clicks as well as views right within 24 hours when Gig was published.

And on my personal own profile, I created several Gigs following different techniques but I noted that there was one thing common in all of those gigs.

It was that:

All the Gigs got Huge Bump in Impressions within 24 hours despite the fact that all were created by unique methods.

Then, I realized. And tested a few more times, I wanted to make sure that I’m right and my statement is true.

I tested again and again and every time I checked, impressions were great.

This time, I created Gigs that were not appealing and weren’t optimized for getting orders. It was just like a rotten piece of Cake placed in Bakery for Sale. No one would buy that you already know it.

Rotten pieces of Cakes were Ranking in Fiverr! Yes, Rotten Pieces mean Useless Gigs.

This time, I was satisfied with my statement.

Why am I sharing this? Here is why and How you can get Benefit:

I’m sharing this because I just can’t digest all the knowledge only in my own mind. I want to share this with Community so you can benefit from this too.

My Key Takeaway from this is:

If you create a New Gig and Get a New Organic Order while it is Ranking (normally within 24-48 hours), Your Gig will start getting more Ranking.

Once again, I want to mention clearly that I experienced this with myself so I can’t guarantee anything for you. Results may be different.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Create a New Gig (It must be optimized for SEO and Orders)
  2. Make sure it is Live and One can find it by Searching on Fiverr
  3. Get order on it within 2-48 hours.

Some Personal Thoughts why I think like this:

– I do have some more thoughts on this and I’ll write up some more clever things about Fiverr and how it works sooner in a while…

If you have been reading so far, I want to personally Thank you for reading. If you find it helpful, consider sharing with your struggling friends so they can benefit from this as well.

That's all from me.